Circle with Disney Marketing

Company: Circle with Disney
Dates: 2016-2018
Role: Senior Designer, Marketing

From 2016-2018, I joined the startup game and worked with Circle, creating design and branding for packaging, website, ads, marketing material, tradeshow displays, iconography, emails and swag. I designed and built the main marketing website on new CMS to better fit the needs of the company while focusing on design for mobile to increase usability. I also refreshed the Circle app UI design with more consistency and visual appeal, collaborating cross-functionally to ensure product needs were met for all teams.
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Caravan Coffee

Company: Caravan Coffee
Dates: 2015-2017
Role: Contract Brand Designer and Marketing Consultant

Caravan is a long-standing artisan coffee roaster that has proudly served many years of quality coffee. Their branding and packaging did not have the same history of quality. I was hired as a brand designer and marketing consultant to bring cohesiveness and quality to their design.
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Chehalem Property Management

Company: Chehalem Property Management
Dates: 2015-Present
Role: Contract Designer and Marketing Consultant

Chehalem Property Management (known locally as CPM) is a leader in the local property management industry. I worked with CPM to help increase awareness of their services in the community and mature the visual aspects of their brand. There was a strong focus on the company's core values, which were a guiding light in crafting the brand visually and in writing. The services I offered were brand design, marketing material layout and design, website design, signage, ads and monthly newsletters, as well as business, marketing and interior design consulting.
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Project: Hitchology
Start Date: 2011
Role: Product Manager, Product/Brand Designer

Hitchology began as a vision to be a one-stop shop for wedding coordinators and morphed into a shared web app for wedding coordinators and couples to plan weddings. I came into this process as the project lead and product/brand designer.
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Company: BioSpeech
Project: Nemies
Dates: 2013-2014
Role: Contract UX/UI Designer, Concept Development

BioSpeech specialized in the science of speech therapy and development of speech technology. Their task was to build a game that incorporated the science, but my task was to visually make their speech therapy game fun, simple and accessible to children.
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Company: Pairlocal
Dates: 2011-2016
Role: UX, UI and Brand Designer

Farmers markets are a big deal in the Northwest. But it’s difficult for community members to know where to start searching for local goods without these markets. Pairlocal is an online farmers market, where local people can connect with local businesses to buy local goods. It provides an easy-to-use Yelp-like profile for farmers, CSAs and other businesses, while giving the community a simple way to search for the goods they need.
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