Company: Pairlocal
Dates: 2011-2016
Role: UX, UI and Brand Designer

Farmers markets are a big deal in the Northwest. But it’s difficult for community members to know where to start searching for local goods without these markets. Pairlocal is an online farmers market, where local people can connect with local businesses to buy local goods. It provides an easy-to-use Yelp-like profile for farmers, CSAs and other businesses, while giving the community a simple way to search for the goods they need.

I worked with a team to come up with a business plan, begin development of a WordPress back-end, define user flow, and design a brand and user interface that encouraged users to engage with the product and their community.

The Pairlocal web app UI needed to be simple – the main goal was to connect a consumer to a local farmer, CSA or business in as few steps as possible. The UI also needed to also incorporate user account access and helpful features for all audiences.

We went through a few iterations before landing on the final design, trying to keep the experience light. The final design was mobile-friendly and kept the actionable items in view on the initial screen. The bright colors pointed users toward the buttons and other action items for a more clear and focused experience.

Initial mockups