Circle with Disney Marketing

Company: Circle with Disney
Dates: 2016-2018
Role: Senior Designer, Marketing

From 2016-2018, I joined the startup game and worked with Circle, creating design and branding for packaging, website, ads, marketing material, tradeshow displays, iconography, emails and swag. I designed and built the main marketing website on new CMS to better fit the needs of the company while focusing on design for mobile to increase usability. I also refreshed the Circle app UI design with more consistency and visual appeal, collaborating cross-functionally to ensure product needs were met for all teams.
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George Fox University

Company: George Fox University
Dates: 2008-16
Role: Lead Web Designer

I led the effort to implement the George Fox University brand online and make it consistent across all sections of the website and on all devices. During my time there, I designed and performed front-end development for three site-wide redesigns for a 15,000-page website, as well as multiple redesigns for different sub-sites for the university. Optimizing the website’s mobile experience and usability was top priority in order to increase enrollment.
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Chehalem Property Management

Company: Chehalem Property Management
Dates: 2015-Present
Role: Contract Designer and Marketing Consultant

Chehalem Property Management (known locally as CPM) is a leader in the local property management industry. I worked with CPM to help increase awareness of their services in the community and mature the visual aspects of their brand. There was a strong focus on the company's core values, which were a guiding light in crafting the brand visually and in writing. The services I offered were brand design, marketing material layout and design, website design, signage, ads and monthly newsletters, as well as business, marketing and interior design consulting.
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Project: Hitchology
Start Date: 2011
Role: Product Manager, Product/Brand Designer

Hitchology began as a vision to be a one-stop shop for wedding coordinators and morphed into a shared web app for wedding coordinators and couples to plan weddings. I came into this process as the project lead and product/brand designer.
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