Caravan Coffee

Company: Caravan Coffee
Dates: 2015-2017
Role: Contract Brand Designer and Marketing Consultant

Caravan is a long-standing artisan coffee roaster that has proudly served many years of quality coffee. Their branding and packaging did not have the same history of quality. I was hired as a brand designer and marketing consultant to bring cohesiveness and quality to their design.
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Circle with Disney UI

Project: Circle with Disney UI Design
Start Date: 2016
Role: Lead Product Designer

The Circle with Disney product was already making waves in the screen time management marketplace and making a big difference for the families of its users. But the UI was not flexible enough for the Circle team to add the features users were asking for.
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Project: Hitchology
Start Date: 2011
Role: Product Manager, Product/Brand Designer

Hitchology began as a vision to be a one-stop shop for wedding coordinators and morphed into a shared web app for wedding coordinators and couples to plan weddings. I came into this process as the project lead and product/brand designer.
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